Thursday, 4 June 2015

Tiger-Hawke - 4th June 1977

Tiger-Hawke was a comic strip I drew sporadically, but never finished, in my teens. Sadly I seem to have parted with all the original artwork at the time, and had no way of copying or printing it, so this would be all that survives. The story I refer to in this entry, Albergo Trento, was an adventure set on the school trip to Italy we'd gone on the previous year. I cannot imagine what it looked or read like, but I can be pretty sure it fizzled out after half a dozen pages. This is a tradition I have continued for the subsequent four decades. See this page on Peoples History Of Pop.

The Records For The Day were I've Been Saved by Elkie Brooks (which hasn't been, in my memory at least) and Me And The Elephant by Gene Cotton which, maybe appropriately, I still remember.

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