Monday, 19 October 2015

Lindsay Moran - The Monkhouse Oct 19 1987

If you're ever going to ask "Where are they now?", you should be asking it about Lindsay Moran. I don't know how Alan stumbled upon him (Alan Seaman booked the acts for our fledgling club, using the technology of the 1980s, which now seems akin to alchemy in its unimaginability) but we were glad he did.

A total hit, with his tutu and accordion, Lindsay Moran was the sort of comic novelty act that possibly only the 1980s could produce. Visual and surreal, satirical and whimsical, he was an act who one assumed would eventually end up on TV, although that was something that was only beginning to happen, and not everyone. As it was, I spotted him in an advert or two, but not much more.

Googling Linday Moran, I uncover a clandestine CIA Officer first, which is nice but unhelpful.

Rather more reassuringly, a Google of Lindsay Moran Artist uncovers a successful artist and printmaker, far better suited to that world than what the stand up comedy arena was about to become in the subsequent decade.

Lindsay Moran, at one of his exhibitions, circa 2013. Tutu, we assume, just out of shot.

Marc Soda became Marc Blake. We'll probably hear more about him anon.

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