Sunday, 1 May 2016

Jim Tavare & Mark Jones - The Monkhouse Club May 1988

Not a bad bit of poster design, though I say so myself, achieved with a little bit of buckshee typesetting, and after-hours effort on the photocopier at my day job, Colourtrix (don't look for them, they're not there any more). Here's Jim Tavare, with a full head of hair with which younger readers might not associate him, towering over the Monkhouse Club on May 16th 1988.

Leicester's Monkhouse Club, which had started in September 1987, was approaching the end of its first year of monthly shows, with Alan Seaman booking the acts and the two of us sharing the compering. Cathi Rae and Norman the Skiver were by now well established as regular local acts, and since none of us was yet above the level of open-mics, the two headline acts were really what people came to see.

The Monkhouse Soap Opera was adapted from Phallas, the soap opera which I wrote and Alan & I performed every week on BBC Radio Leicester's Primetime. Some recordings of this weekly atrocity still survive, that I haven't listened to since they went out. If I can ever bring myself to do so, and if the cassette tape has lasted these decades without dissolving to iron filings and sellotape, then a podcast of legendarily unlistenable quality awaits. Lucky old posterity.

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