Saturday, 15 June 2013

My Jubilee Arch - June 16 1977

My diary's a positive whirlwind of royalty imagery in the Jubilee summer, isn't it? Here we find me describing, in between hopeless poems and delusional self portraiture, the horseshoe shaped archway I was designing to commemorate the Jubilee by hanging it over my bedroom door for, I can only guess, no-one to see. Oh, look, I've just found a photo of the very arch I describe in this diary. Yes, it still exists, in a cupboard, in my childhood home:

It's decorated with hundreds of tiny comic characters and panels from some of my favourite strips of the time - Barry Smith's Conan, Gil Kane's Spider-Man and Neal Adams Vision featuring prominently, alongside a Queen logo and a celebration of our school rock band which was, by that stage, called Walter Tottle And The Expanding Liberals With A Member Of The Royal Family, The Corgis and a Shaggy Dog. Why oh why were we not more successful?

Records For The Day were an interesting mix. Sure we all remember The Muppet Show and ELP, but Hollywood by Rufus?

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