Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Bernard Manning & Murder Most English - June 2 1977

And if any illustration were needed of just how different 1977 was from today, here he see an illustration of racist comedian Bernard Manning, wearing a union jack waistcoat, on a spread which includes TV shows Top Of The Pops, Royal Heritage and Murder Most English. No comment from me, no sense of irony, just an innocent acceptance of all things Royal in the run up to the Jubilee.

And isn't that a beautiful picture by Mick Brownfield, cut out of the Radio Times and necessitating me writing the whole page sideways to fit it in. Around this time, my Dad was something to do with Radio Leicester, the details of which I didn't take enough notice of at the time, and we got a free Radio Times every week. Mick Brownfield, meanwhile, had also produced the artwork for one of my favourite albums of 1977, The Goodies' Nothing To Do With Us. We'll talk about my musical taste on another day.

See this page on the Peoples History Of Pop.

My Records For The Day were Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy by Queen and Strutting Ground from Rock Follies of 77.

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