Thursday, 30 May 2013

Mum's artwork - May 29 1977

May 29th diary's 1977 page is a rarity, bearing an illustration by my Mum, Corral Sutherland. Now we see both where I got it from, and also how at age 15 she's putting me to shame with her freehand drawing. I think she probably still does. She went to Edinburgh College Of Art in the fifties and her life model was Sean Connery. That's right, you should be impressed. And that was a rough drawing that she didn't want and was about to bin, think on't. On the facing page you can see the level I was at, with a resolutely two-dimensional self portrait with Spider-Man.
You try telling the kids today that your telly consisted of Captain Pugwash, Blue Peter, Nationwide and Panorama, and they won't believe you.

My Records For The Day avoided the hit parade, being a cover version of Walk Right In by Dr Hook, and a Kenny Rogers b-side (for, I note, the second time).

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