Monday, 27 May 2013

It's A Knockout & sunbathing - May 27th 1977

I remember this, sunbathing over the sunniest weekend of the year so far, following what had been quite a disappointing spring weather wise. 1976 had been the driest summer on record, the "drought" as we called it, with standpipes in the streets, people sharing baths, and my Dad collecting used bathwater in a barrel at the back to put on the garden. A record crop of sweetcorn that year, I recall. But 1977 wasn't shaping up that way, hence my celebration in illustrated form of the joy of sunbathing, or am I just celebrating the disproportionate immensity of my feet?

On TV we have shows that they'll never repeat, including Tiswas, which was mostly not kept on video, and It's A Knockout about which little more needs be said. And a dodgy sounding film called The Trouble With Girls, which hasn't popped up a lot recently. It's a great shame that such fondly remembered shows as IAK and Top Of The Pops have had their memories sullied by the discovery of what was going on behind the scenes, let us hope that the kids of today don't have their great childhood shows spoiled in the same way (though, given that most 9 year olds seem to subsist on a diet of Keith Lemon and Family Guy, I'm guessing they're not as innocent as we were to begin with).

My Records For The Day are the usual mix of predictable pop hit, Telephone Line by ELO, and weird b-side from my small and random collection. Girl Get A Hold Of Yourself by Kenny Rogers is from the flipside of Ruby Don't Take Your Love To Town, now you ask.

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