Thursday, 16 May 2013

TV Schedule Disaster - May 17th 1977

It's a measure of how exciting the life of a 15 year old is that the most important thing I could find to write was that I'd recorded the TV shows on that night by writing them on the wrong pages in my diary. It's also indicative of just how seriously I was taking my studies, that I give revising for exams as the excuse. If I was revising that heavily, why was I still recording all the evening's TV shows by drawing my versions of their logos in multicoloured felt tip pens? Quite how much time this wasted I cannot begin to imagine, though I daresay it pales into insignificance alongside the number of hours I now sacrifice on the altars of Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.

See this page on Peoples History Of Pop.

(What did I tell you? Seconds after writing this diary entry, in 2013 that is, I made up my mind to go straight to my email and start the day's work, not to get distracted. Oh, I thought, but it won't hurt to just check out what's on Facebook. 10 minutes later I've liked three things and read this whole article. Thanks heavens I only had my own obsession with TV and comics, and a pack of Platignum pens to distract me.)

My Records For The Day were Gimme Love Your Way by The New Seekers (which doesn't seem to exist online) and Moving Out Today by (so I seemed think on this first hearing) "Marie Sager". I know.

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