Sunday, 26 May 2013

John Burns art - May 24th 1977

Beautiful John Burns art in this spread from my diary from May 1977. This was the most common way I would decorate the pages of my diary, by dessicating my copies of Look-In, by far the best drawn and most expensively printed of the comics I received every week, and sticking them into my diary with Cow gum before designing the page around it. I use the word designing in its loosest sense.

The painted art in Look-In was the most impressive I'd ever seen in a comic, especially the pages by John Burns (this one being from The Bionic Woman), Martin Asbury, Mike Noble and Harry North. As a result of my use of them in the diary, hardly an original page remains intact, and a back issue in a retro shop will usually go for around a fiver. This means that my diary, running as it did in this way for about 3 years (in 1978 I seem to have moved to keeping a much simpler picture-free diary accompanied by a scrapbook for letters, and in 1981 stopped keeping a diary completely), put paid to about 150 Look-Ins (or is that Looks-In?) costing me a potential £750 in resale value. Kids eh?

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