Friday, 17 July 2015

Chandler Noir - July 17th 1977

Because there's been interest in using some of my childhood diary spreads in a BBC TV show called the Peoples History Of Pop - my Records For The Day caught the eye of a researcher - I've dug a few more out and put them up here on the My 1970s Diary. (I kept the Picture Diary from 1974 to 1978 but to date have only found a couple of volumes from 1977).

 Here we see the first of many pieces I've produced influenced by Jim Steranko's pioneering graphic novel Chandler: Red Tide, which I'd clearly just bought. I went on to produce an entire comic of my own, Mr Hawk, in the same format, once I got to art college.

The Records For The Day are, as always, intriguing. Quite why I chose three Bee Gees records is unclear, could it be that the promotion for Saturday Night Fever was kicking in? And Mike Nesmith's Navajo Trail is just one of many tunes that I must Google on Youtube*, having not heard them in the intervening decades.

*UPDATE: Found it.

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