Sunday, 16 August 2015

Death of Elvis - 16th August 1977

Here we have the day Elvis Presley died. A commemorative spread, and why not. We were on holiday in Montrose at the time, and my enduring memory is that, when I broke the news to Uncle Bill about Elvis he confessed he'd never been that big of a fan. I remember thinking that was a sacreligious thing to say, though in truth I wasn't that much of a fan either. It was my generation's Princess Di moment, and 15 year old me was happily swept up in it. Though I see that, by the following day, I've moved on from listing Elvis records in the RFTD slot and featured David Soul and Harry Chapin instead (let's face it, Harry Chapin knocks spots off Elvis).

Because there's been interest in using some of my childhood diary spreads in a BBC TV show called the Peoples History Of Pop - my Records For The Day caught the eye of a researcher - I've dug a few more out and put them up here on the My 1970s Diary. (I kept the Picture Diary from 1974 to 1978 but to date have only found a couple of volumes from 1977).

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