Thursday, 6 August 2015

Neal Adams - Aug 6 1977

Man I loved my Marvel comics when I was fifteen, and no artist beat Neal Adams.

Okay, there was Gil Kane, whose figure drawing I spent the next 30 years copying, and Gene Colan, whose realism I could only ever dream of aspiring to, and Jack Kirby the godfather, and the people I guiltily took for granted like John Buscema and John Romita who turned out to be greater than I realised. Oh and of course Barry Smith, whose Conan I turned into a mural on my bedroom wall and which is still there all these years later.

But whatever, I loved Neal Adams, as these two pages from 1977 - and all those artists who draw DC comics now, in 2015, pretending to be him. You know who you are.

These Records For The Day are an arcane lot, wouldn't you say? Who remembers Marcella by The Beach Boys? Probably not even a Pointless answer as I doubt it troubled the charts. Neither, I'm guessing, did High School Dance by The Silvers, Seaside Lady by Wales O'Reagan (are we sure I didn't dream that up?), and does that say Hairy Sundown by The Outlaws?

(YouTube and the internet have drawn a blank on the existence of Wales O'Reagan and his Seaside Lady)

Because there's been interest in using some of my childhood diary spreads in a BBC TV show called the Peoples History Of Pop - my Records For The Day caught the eye of a researcher - I've dug a few more out and put them up here on the My 1970s Diary. (I kept the Picture Diary from 1974 to 1978 but to date have only found a couple of volumes from 1977).

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