Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Conan & The Hawk - August 4th 1977

My figure drawing wasn't perfect when I was 15, was it? So, I obviously thought, why not demonstrate that by putting one of my figures directly opposite a copy of a drawing by Barry Smith?

Peter Cushing's 1954 version of 1984 was on the telly. Was that the last time it was shown (no, I now find, it was repeated in the 90s and again in 2003)? I know there's some sort of dispute stopping it being available on DVD. Whatever, I remember watching it in 1977, and very impressive it was too.

Another show was on that night that they won't be repeating in a hurry - Top Of The Pops was presented by Jimmy Savile. See this page on the BBC's Peoples History Of Pop.

And more long-forgotten Records For The Day, I see. Dark Side Of The Moon by Trammps, Hard Rock Cafe by Carole King, and Tentacles by Patrick Moraz? Actually I may be one of the few people in this country who bought, and thus still remembers, Welcome Back by John Sebastian. It was the theme tune to Welcome Back Kotter, which was never shown in the UK.

Because there's been interest in using some of my childhood diary spreads in a BBC TV show called the Peoples History Of Pop - my Records For The Day caught the eye of a researcher - I've dug a few more out and put them up here on the My 1970s Diary. (I kept the Picture Diary from 1974 to 1978 but to date have only found a couple of volumes from 1977).

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  1. Welcome Back Kotter was indeed shown on Granada TV but not until 1981. John Travolta was in it!