Monday, 1 February 2016

Big Starsky & Little Hutch - Feb 1st 1977

Oh come on, I was trying. Experimenting with coloured pens, working from photo reference, and you can tell who it's supposed to be can't you? Can't you? It's Starsky out of Starsky and Hutch, very obviously. And for that sense of completeness, there's Hutch on the next page, on the front cover of Look-In. The Hutch painting's a tad better than mine, being my Arnaldo Putzu, the regular Look-In cover artist whose work adorns a great many of my diary pages at this time.

The most surprising details in this diary spread is the news that I came first in a cross country run at school. As far as I can recall, that was the last physical exercise I ever took.

Some nice Records For The Day, none too obscure, but none too naff. Mind you, Chicago had gone past their best by then hadn't they?

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