Sunday, 21 February 2016

Lee Majors Winking - 21st Feb 1977

Nifty drawing of Lee Majors winking, though I say so myself. The rest of the images are by a caricaturist whose work I greatly admired, even though he was in the Daily Express (like I had the faintest idea what a right wing rag it was back then), Cole.

I can only suppose this is half term, for me to be lazing around midweek in February, rehearsing with the band and buying records - The Goodies' Nothing To Do With Us album, which was a favourite for years.

The Records For The Day are A Groovy Kind Of Love by Les Gray (late of Mud), and a track from the Goodies' album, I Wish I Had Something To Say.

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  1. Eu gostei muito! Deixou-me bem inspirada! Vou até fazer uns assim para mim.