Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Bar Mitzvah Boy - September 14th 1976

Talk about over compensating, how's this for the most boring diary entries ever - seriously, is there an interesting word in these two pages? - balanced by one of the niftiest layouts. 

I'm not sure how many teeth I thought I had (to be honest I'm not sure how many teeth I really do have, but I'll have a guess that it's not that many) but the design's pretty original isn't it?

The TV's pretty much a cross section of everything you think was on the telly in the 70s. If they made one of those "I remember the 1970s" talking heads shows and only mentioned Nationwide, The Sweeney, The Tomorrow People, George & Mildred, Some Mothers Do Have Em, Play For Today, Mastermind, Supersonic and Angels, you'd go "yeah, that's pretty much it" wouldn't you?

Records for the Day, both disco classics from the days before irony and pop music had been introduced.

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