Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Snerks? 4th Sept 1976

Among the familiar items in this flashback from 1976 we have the start of new series of Doctor Who, Tiswas, The Two Ronnies, and The Generation Game. And a hidden gem in the form of Lucky Feller, the sitcom written by Terence Frisby, about which I only just had a chat last week with his son Dominic off of the Sitcom Trials. Dominic's loaded some episodes online, let's check them out together.

But what is Simon Simon? A 1970 Silent Comedy? That's not Mel Brooks Silent Movie? That's ringing no bells. The same goes for the Records For The Day. Nice and Slow by Jesse Green? I'm guessing that describes its ascent up the chart.*

But the haziest memory for me is not the "circular haystacks" (any kid from the 70s remembers those), or the nine week summer holiday I describe (the 1970s, you had to be there). It's me painting my guitar. Oil painting my guitar. Oil painting my three string guitar? Maybe these are pages from someone else's diary?

Also Harry North, artist and writer of Doctor On The Go, what does Snerks mean? Answer Me!

*In order to complete this blog I googled Jesse Green's NIce & Slow. Of course I totally remember it. Just not his name or its title. Sorry Jesse, wherever you are. PS, do you know what Snerks is?

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