Thursday, 4 April 2013

Hello Citizen Smith - April 11th 1977

Babysitting in 1977 cost a quid, and so did the cinema. Don't say this diary doesn't teach you anything. For anyone who's wondering, or hasn't worked out, what an RFTD is, it's my Record For The Day. A constant adherant to Radio 1, I lived and breathed pop music, and seemingly adopted a theme song for every day. Perhaps these were simply my ear worms, or the last thing I heard on Noel Edmonds before I caught the bus to school, or maybe I saw myself as a DJ for the future where, 36 years later, I would get to tweet the names of records, some well known, some even more obscure than the opening track from a midsummer Top Of The Pops 1977, much as I do in 2013. Who knows.

And who knows what that Play For Today was, or where that water stain on it came from. I used to devote half a page every week to reviewing comics, but the best I could do for the TV shows I watched, or that were on while I was busying draw comic strips and decorating my diary, was to give them the same logo every week and put a big red numbered flash on the when they were the start of a New Series. Weird kid.

Citizen Smith was a Comedy Playhouse pilot and Rising Damp started a new series. I was there.

Records For The Day: Whodunit by Tavares and Let Em In by Billy Paul

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