Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Welcome to my 1970s diary

Hello and welcome to my 1970s diary. Let us begin with the front cover.

The front cover, as you can see, of Volume Ten of my Picture Diary. This began life in 1973 as an attempt to depict my life as a comic strip. Very soon, I mean literally within days, it became clear that not enough happened in my life to merit a scene by scene graphic adventure. I was at high school, doing the same lessons week after week, devoting much more attention to reading comics and watching TV than what might be considered having a life. So my diary became an exercise in design, in scrapbooking, in commentary and review, and occasionally something worth reading. I have not read these books for 35 years, and they are the mix of delightful innocence and awkward embarrassment you might expect.

If I find the free time, and can be bothered, I shall post some pages from this diary, hopefully on the days they originally appeared. So far I have found, in boxes in my office, volumes 9-11, which take us from mid 1976 to late 1977. I am hoping the others survive somewhere but have yet to unearth them. Stay tuned, and do chase me if I've not posted anything for a while. The first pages to appear here will be the double page spread from 8th April 1977.

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