Saturday, 13 April 2013

Morse Code? - April 15th 1977

Nowadays I teach kids how to draw comics, when I'm not drawing them myself, and looking at my childhood diary makes it quite clear to me that loads of kids can draw better at age 14 than I could. My enthusiasm's unbounded, as is my obsessive-compulsive ability to spend every available waking second at my desk. But my draughstmanship, as we unashamedly called it in the unreconstructed 70s, was rubbish. I did a lot of copying from comics, which looked great, but leave me to my own end with a bit of figure drawing out of my head and I'm rotten.

I am of course talking about my 1970s self. Shut up.

As for whatever the morse code page says, I can honestly admit to not being arsed to translate it. Knowing me, I did it that way because I was confessing something embarrassing about fancying a girl. So good luck anyone who wants to decipher it, may you squirm with hideous spotty awkwardness just like its author did.

The Record For The Day that I can make out is Lucille by Kenny Rogers.

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